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Blueberry Island healing potion hints tips

1 red

3 purple

1 blue

2 green

3 red

2 purple

3 yellow

2 red

2 blue

3 green

8 mushroom

1 yellow

1 purple

1 green

2 yellow

3 blue

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Love this game so much I couldn’t get out of my seat :D

Here’s my general tips for the game: [Read the rest of this entry...]

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Well.. I like this game a lot! It’s like build a lot series with a new touch.

I really enjoy playing the game, but still can not get A for some levels.. which is of course frustrating for me :( I wonder if someone can get all As ?

In some levels, the game doesn’t fit well on my computer screen thus preventing me to do some task like stopping a worker.

The only thing that I didn’t understand was how to make alliance with neighboor city.. well.. the key is to get more stars.. the market will tell you how many stars is needed to be able to trade with neighboor cities..

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I was playing Burger Shop 2 when I bought Build A Lot 4: Power Source. Well, Build A Lot didn’t steal my eyes from Burger Shop.

It does have new stuff, but not that challenging… at first…

Yes, Build A Lot 4: Power Source has 4 campaigns. First is tutorial, which of course I skipped. The second campaign is the main campaign with 45 levels. So boring and not very challenging..

The third and fourth campaign which are challenge and expert campaigns both has 10 levels. Now we’re talking about challenge.. too bad they only have 10 levels each. [Read the rest of this entry...]

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Sorry guys, I’m busy with something else, so here’s only some of the levels I found hard.. will complete it when I have time.

sell bear
buy 5 flour
get 10 eggs
sell ducks
buy 5 flour
make egg powder and cookies
upgrade warehouse
make cakes twice
sell 10 cakes
buy yak
when you get 1 wool, sell yak
buy spinnery
make sewing
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Here are the solutions for townopolis gold for levels I found hard to get gold or to get trophy:

Level – 6:
Level - 6

[Read the rest of this entry...]

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Playing this game was so much fun. But, for me, the expert level are not that hard to achieve, only the shopping at the beginning of some level that took me some tries.

Here are the game solution for some levels, note that for some game level,  the list below is not the only solutions, this is the one I used.

[Read the rest of this entry...]

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This is my solution for cargo bridge game level 12-24

Level 12
[Read the rest of this entry...]

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Here is some of the walkthrough for escape flash game: Escape Toys

1. Clik on the pillow and get the acorn
2. Move the screen to the right and open the bottom drawer and get the elastic [Read the rest of this entry...]

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Blue Beanie is a point and click flash game with cute graphics.. here is the game walkthrough:

Level 1:
1. click the door
2. after he went inside, click the door again
3. click the red button 2 times
[Read the rest of this entry...]

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