Game Walkthrough Totem Tribe Level 9 – Frozen Vale Island

  1. Find a Way To Pass Through the Ice
    Build your village, do all the research and start exploring.
    Collect shells on your way.
    Collect things to build a fish pole, see maps below.
  2. Gather 5 Pieces Of Coal For Isoko
    Give the coals to Isoko and laboratory is now available
  3. Use Fire Tower To Pass Through The Ice
    Build laboratory
    Build towers near all the ice blocks, upgrade it to fire tower, the ice will melted
    Free all of the penguins including the ones at the far top right, and receive Healer’s Globe
  4. Collect Shells To Satisfy The Idol
    Give the shells to activate the idol
  5. Use The Idol To Find Totem
    Use the idol to open the area at the upper left corner to get fishing line
    collect all the things needed to build a fishing pole,
    When your pole is ready, find circles in the water and go fishing there..,
    give the fish to the penguin man, he will give you the map to the Lonely Iceberg.
    Use the idol to open area at the edge of the screen, middle right and find Totem Of Bear
    Use the idol to open the rest of the black area to find shells
    Use the shells to open chest at the top left of the island to get ancient coins

Now that you have fire tower you need to:

  1. Go back to Witch Island to open area to the right

List of guide stones in the game:

  1. Black Bird Stole Black Stone
  2. Look For a piece of coal where the fire has burned
  3. Circles on the water are the sign of fish abundance

Here are maps to all the coals:

This might NOT be the right location for you, the coal appear after you defeated the crow, where you defeated the crow, look around. You need archers to fight the crows.

Places to find things for your pole are below:


Fishing Float

Fishing Line

Fishing Rod

Fishing Hook

Click here for maps of the shells in this game

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