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This game is a combination of garden defense, virtual villagers, mistery case file and war strategy game.

I’m going to write level by level game tips hints and game walkthrough…

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In this game, you have to protect your main character Aruku and Guro. If your main characters die you have to start over from the last time you save the game. So save the game frequently, you can save the game by clicking the quit button.

In each level (refer to islands) there are objectives you need to accomplished. Once and objective is done, there might be another objective. The level is complete when you finish all your objectvies.

In each island, there are main objectives and other tasks. After finishing the main objective, you can still play the island, to finish the other tasks.

There are many type of building, some will train people with specific skills.

Type of building that train people:

  • Huts
    Trains workers, workers will build buildings. Each hut trains 3 workers. This building available from level 1.
  • Scout lodge
    Trains scouts. Each lodge train 2 scouts. Scouts open new area by following path to readh the area where you place the eye flag. Available at the middle of the game at level 1.
  • Barracks
    Trains fighter. Each barrack trains 6 fighter. Fighter will fight using swords. Available at Mushroom Island.
  • Hunter Camps
    Trains hunters. Required: scout lodge. Each camp trains 3 hunters. Hunter will fight by throwing spears and placing traps. Available in Monkey Island.
  • Archery Range
    Trains archer. Use arrows when fighting and can reach flying foes.
  • Witch Doctor Shack
    Trains withces. Each shack trians 6 witches. Witch can heal your people.
  • Shaman Tent
    Train shaman that will use magic in a battle. Each tent trains 3 shamans.
  • Cave Of Trials
    Train cavemen. Available at the begining of Ruins of Dreamshore island.

Type of the other buildings

  • Tower
    Can be placed far from the other buildings. Will attack enemies. Upgrades: Arrow Tower, Mud Tower, Fire Tower. Available at Dolphin Island.
  • Workshop
    Needed to produce equipment and do research to upgrade the equipments.
  • Smithy
    To do research improving armors and weapons.
  • Wiseman’s House
    Research for defenses.
  • Laboratory
    Research for fire and frost tower.
  • Market Place
    Research to increase population and boost speed of your people. Get it at Yetti Island.
  • Sky Hall
    Research to use power of thunder and lightning. Get it at Mist Island.
  • Hall Of Mysteries
    Research so that Shaman can have more power. Get this building at Volcano Island.
  • Training Grounds
    For research to improve battle skills. Get it at Volcano Island.
  • Herb Garden
    For research to make your people more healthy and to increase witch doctor efficiency. Get it at Beetle Island.
  • Temple
    Allow you to cast powerful spells. Get it at The Lost Temple Island.

General Tips and Information:

  • Start with building 3-4 hunts to build the building faster
  • You can only give your workers 3 tasks at most, no matter how many hunts you have
  • Try to place the tower at the edges (of an island, of an area, or anything) to see beyong your reach.
  • Use the attack flag to direct your forces
  • Use the exploration flag to direct your scouts
  • Before constructing a building, make sure the area is clean from any valuable items, otherwise, you might miss the items needed to fullfill the objectives.
  • Read all the obelisk (a stone with some writing on it), unread obelisk will glow some yellow light
  • Whenever you’re building your defense, put the sword and eye flag at the center of your village, this will prevent your people going somewhere and invite enemies to attack you
  • Tower can be placed far from the other buildins / your village
  • Once you have them, build wiseman’s hous and marketplace as soon as possible, so you have more people and they are faster.

Game Levels Walkthrough

Where To Find Shaman Masks:

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