Game Walkthrough Totem Tribe Game:

  1. Find The World Seal
    Build your village.
    Collect ice crystals and jewels while exploring the island in this game.
    Go to the west and fight the sharks, make sure you have archers.
    After all sharks are gone, Montol will give you Shaman Mask and new building Shaman Tent will be available.

    Build shaman tents.
    Build fire tower near the ice block in the middle of the island to break it. If you have Shamans, they can also break the ice blocks.
  2. Put Totems On The Correct Pedestals
    Once you have 25 crystals, activate the idol in the south west corner of the island.
    Find other crystals and activate the idol in the top right of the island.
    Place the dolphin totem in the small island on the left, you need to build a tower to see it.
    Put flag in the right to see small island and put Whale totem there.

    Explore the small island below by placing flag to guide your people to go there, and get Pendant Of Power.

    Put the Lizard Totem at the top right pedestal.

    Build a tower at the top of the map to see hidden pedestal and put Monkey Totem there.

    Put the Polar Totem at the middle bottom pedestal.

    Put the Seagull Totem at the top left pedestal near the seagulls.

  3. Activate The World Seal
    Build towers around the world seal (the statue at the middle)
    Put attack flag there too
    Click the world seal
    Fight the shadows, don’t forget to use the idols

List of guide stones in the game:

  1. Totem Wisdom: Dolphine lives in a water.
  2. Totem Wisdom: Lizards lives among rocks.
  3. Totem Wisdom: Monkey is smart, try hard to find it.
  4. Totem Wisdom: Bigger water creatures require more water.
  5. Totem Wisdom: Ice will not scare polar bear.

Click here for maps to all crystals in this game.

Video Walkthrough

video All Jewels

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