Game Walkthrough Totem Tribe Game:

  1. Find Totem Of Shark
    Explore using exploration flag.
    Collect turtle shells as you go.

    Find Valve, you’ll need it later

    solve the puzzle like image above to get pink travel stone, pay close attention to the curve i marked red.

    Put the stone in the travel device.
    To use the device, bring your scout near it and click on the device.
    You will be transported to a second island.

    Clean all the dirts by clicking them. Dirt is a stone like thing that wiggle.After all dirts are gone, you’ll get yellow travel stone.

    For the second puzzle, see how I numbered the panel in image above.
    The image above is the finished puzzle.
    The idea is to move the balls to the bottom left container in this order: yellow, white, red.
    So first you need to put yellow there, then white, then red.
    If you just start the puzzle where the balls are in the top container, use this steps:
    2, 3, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, 1
    When you complete this puzzle, you get Energy Sphere.

    Put the yellow travel stone in the bottom travel device.

    Here’s how the travel devices work.
    When the pink stone is on, and you click on the white stone while your scout near them, you’ll be travelled back to first island.
    When the yellow stone is on, you’ll be travelling to third island, do that now.

    Get the second valve.

    Finish the 3rd puzzle so the red white lights look like image above to get blue travel stone.

    Travel back to 2nd island, put the blue stone on the remaining device.
    Travel to 4th island.

    Put the valves in their places (left and right).
    And put the energy sphere in the middle device.

    Now open the chest and get Aqualung, now your scouts can swim!
    Now explore the rest of the island to collect turtle shells, beware of the shark!
    When your scout get killed, the scout lodge at the 3rd island will train new scouts.

    Find Energy Sphere at the island below 1st island.
    When you have 29 blue shells go to central island.

    Give 24 green shells to the man on the tower.
    The tower will fight the shark.
    When the sharks had been defeated, go to the island bottom right corner.
    Put the Energy Sphere on the device.

    Click on the device so the light facing to the right direction just like image above.
    Do the rest following steps on image above.
    And get Rune of Water from the chest.
    Use it to open gate on 2nd island.
    Get Shaman Mask.

  2. Collect Blue Turtle Shells
  3. Open the Chest In Central Island.
    And get Totem Of Shark.

Now that your scouts can swim:

  1. Go back to Tetala Island to find jewels.
  2. Go back to Beetle Island to open chest bottom right corner.
  3. Go back to Cradle of The North to get jewels at the west and open chest on east part of the island

List of guide stones in the game:

  1. There is too much dirt on this island.
  2. Theese Flowers know the truth.
  3. Do not feed the sharks.

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