I found 14 jewels so far in this island.

Game Walkthrough Totem Tribe Game:

  1. Find The Main Temple
    Build your village and upgrade.
    Put the flags in your village.
    Click on the main temple only AFTER you’re ready to fight.
  2. Claim 5 Idols.
    Explore the island and collect hidden fruits and jewels.

    When you have 12 oranges, activate Idol of Divination use it on the bottom middle area.
    Use the click to open the path to left / right area, see image above.
    Open the chest at the right and get Masking Cloak and the other one will give you Shaman Mask.

    Solve the puzzle at the middle where it has 4 pilars like image above and get scroll of thunder magic.
    1st pilar: sun, moon, star, thunder
    2nd: moon, star, thunder, sun
    3rd: star, thunder, sun, moon
    4th: thunder, sun, moon, star

    There are 4 location where red bubbles coming out from the ground, see image above.
    You have to place people in 4 of this area at the same time, use exploration flag, attack flag, build a tower, and drag a person to the 4th area, you have to do this quick, when it’s done, open the chest that appear, to get Map To Pirate Island (Lost Temple). You need to have all Shaman Masks to open this chest.

    Once you have enough fruits, and ready to fight, put your attack flag at the middle of the island, and activate the idols.
    Fight and get Totem Of Lion.

List of guide stones in the game:

  1. Make Your Choice

Map to the fruits:

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