Game Walkthrough Totem Tribe Game:

  1. Find A Path To The Temple
    Build your village. Build tower at the left side of your village, enemies will come from the woods.
  2. Open First Gate

    In this game, there are devices when you click will show a series of color.
    Go to the middle lake , click the color in the right order, a map will show, get the rune where the map tell you to.
    You can find maps to all the runes below.
    To find jewels, use this color sequence: red, blue, yellow, pink, green (it is the color from the small temple at the worship island)

    Once you have all 5 runes, open the gate up north and pass the trial (fight).

  3. Open Second Gate
  4. Open Third Gate
  5. Open Fourth Gate
  6. Open Fifth Gate
  7. Visit The Temple
    Now you get new building Templte

List of guide stones in the game:

  1. Five gates guard the path to the temple. Five trials await the one who dares to pass through them.
  2. There is a special reward for devoted pilgrims from the island of worship.

Maps to the Runes:

Rune Of Water

Rune Of Fire

Rune Of Lightning

Rune of Earth

Rune of Sun

Video Walkthrough:

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