Game Walkthrough Totem Tribe Game:

  1. Find A Way To Approach The Comet
    Explore the island. Collect colored crystal as you go. Thurisaz crystal (green), Ur crystal (blue), Fehu crystal (orange).
  2. Destroy All Crystal Pedestals
    Put the totem on crystal pedestals to destroy them.

    For the first puzzle, you need to lit all the little lights, to do this, lit 3 big lights marked Xs in image above.

    At the middle bottom area, there is an arrow with 4 panels around it and red green lights below it.
    The bottom 2 panel is to lit the green lights, the upper 2 panels are for directing the arrows.
    Direct the arrow to north west with 2 green lights, click the arrows 3 times to get jewels.
    Direct the arrow to north east with 3 green lights, click 3 times to get jewels.
    Direct the arrow to north with 5 green lights and click 3 times to get jewels.

    Activate the right idol with 9 thurisaz crystal, use the idol to break the green formation crystals.

    The 2nd puzzle is easy, just click on matching panels.

    For the 3rd puzzle, you need to move the black to the right and the whites to the left, let’s number the light 1-7 from left to right, and use this sequence: 5, 3, 2, 4, 6, 7, 5, 3, 1, 2, 4, 6, 5, 3, 4

    Activate the middle idol using 7 Ur crystal.
    Use frost on the blue crystal formation to break it.
    Before entering this new area, charge your idol, use it on the enemies.
    There are total of 5 purple stones in this island, you need to activate all of them to get this big crystal.
    You have to be quick!

    Activate the left idol using Fehu Crystal and use it on the orange crystal formation.
    In this last puzzle first you use the secong well to get even Tin coins, then use the first well to get all copper coins, then use third and fourth well, repeat the steps to get rid of all the coins.

  3. Find An Entrance To The Comet
    Use the idols to break the crystal that’s blocking your way to the top area.

List of guide stones in the game:

  1. Only a strike of lightning can shatter Thurisaz Crystal
  2. You can destroy Fehu Crystal with fiery meteors
  3. Ur crystal formation are vulnerable to frost

Maps to All The Crystals

Video Walkthrough:

Video All Jewels

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