This is a bonus level in the game, you can access it when you complete 100% of the rainbow road, to complete 100% you have to find all jewels in the game.

Game Walkthrough Totem Tribe Game:

  1. Explore Guardian Moon
    For the first puzzle in this island, see image below:

    To lit the orb marked X you need to click on all orbs in same the column and row ( I put red line ). So you need to click a total of 7 orbs just to lit 1 orb.
    When completed, the chest will give you Relic Of Prosperity.

    The second puzzle is not that hard, you have to stand on the red circle on your third step, if not, you’ll be back to square one, when you reach the top of the puzzle area, you’ll get a sphere..
    Find 4 lightning trap, put it where the lightning are, this is  to activate the Discharge Sphere tool,when activated, you can get Energy Sphere after you put discharge sphere on it.

  2. Dip Tear Of Heaven To WaterPut it in the water and get Purified Tear Of Heaven.

Where To Find Lightning Trap

Where To Find Spheres

Video Walkthrough

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