Walkthrough Totem Tribe Level 6 – Red Rock Isand

  1. Build 10 Huts
    Actually you only need to build 8 huts since there are already 2 of them at the begining.
    After completed, start building your defense.
    Make towers at surrounding your village.
    Upgrade towers to arrow tower.
    Upgrade weapons and armor using workshop.

    Go south and set the light to the correct collor.
  2. Prepare Defenses (Land)
    Make barracks, tower, hunter camp and archery range. Upgrade them.
  3. Defend Yourself.
  4. Prepare Defenses (Air)
    Make more archery range and tower and upgrade.
  5. Defend Yourself.
  6. Prepare Defenses (Land and Air)
    Build more towers.
  7. Defend Yourself.
    Deactivate the attack flag so your troops can go everywhere.
    Use the idol of flame on the ice block at the top right and get Hunter’s Lucky Stone.
    Destroy the wooden lair at the top of the island to get Ancient Coin.
    Explore the rest of the island to collect jewels.

List of guide stones in the game:

  1. In the middle is violet.
  2. Green and red are alongside.
  3. Yellow is between violet and blue.
  4. Red is to the right of yellow.
  5. Sometimes you will come across the ancient idols – the sources of powerful magic. Click on the idol to know what is needed to activate it.
  6. Ice can be melted with fire.

Video Walkthrough

Video All Jewels

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