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I found 21 jewels on this island.

Walkthrough Totem Tribe Game Level 7 – Witch Island:

  1. Find Witch’s Hut
  2. Collect Roots For Witch

    Give 10 roots to the witch

  3. Destroy The Source Of Infection

    New building available in the game: Witch Doctor Shack

    Build witch doctor shack in your village

    Build workshop (upgrade it) , and 2 archery range.

    Fight the shade at the top right of the island

Go back here after you get fire tower later in the game (frozen vale island) or after your scouts can swim:

  1. Build smithy, wiseman’s house, labortory and build fire tower near the ice block on the top right
  2. Click on the rock in right order (see image above) to open the chest and get Sphere Of Clarity
  3. Use it on monkey island to open a new area and get jewels
  4. Open the chest to the left to get Ancient Coins
  5. Chest on the right has jewels

List of guide stones in the game:

  1. One of roots is behind the wooden log.
  2. One of roots is in the green swamp mud.
  3. One of the roots is behind the mountain.

Maps to all 10 roots in this game level:
Sorry guys i took the images down as the location of the roots changes for everyone.

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Video Walkthrough

Video All Jewels In Game

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