Walkthrough Totem Tribe Game Level 8 – Skull Island

  1. Destroy Enemies To Find Totem
    Smithy building now available
    Build your defense and buildings for attack
    Build a tower near the first guide stone
    Build 3 arrow tower at the bottom of your village so you can go exploring to the east
    Explore and keep building on your way
    Collect bones and jewels as you progress, bones position are not exact, sometimes they appear after you defeated skeletons.
    Once you have enough bones, activate the idol on the far top left island and the one at the top middle.
    When you get the tower design, bring it to the wise man to get Wiseman House
    Do the 3 research on wiseman house

    Use 25 bones to open the chest on the right shore of the island to get Traveller’s Boots.
    Destroy the mud tower at the bottom left of the island and get the Totem Of Lizard.
  2. Protect Your Village
    Enemies are attacking from the far right, send your troops there.
  3. Explore Hidden Valley
    Enter the hidden valley to the right and fight the shadows.

    Build a tower and get ancient coin.

List of guide stones in the game:

  1. Once there was a tower here, maybe we should rebuild it?
  2. You are entering the forest of the dead.

Video Walkthrough

Video All Jewels In Game

video All Bones In Game

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