Walkthrough Totem Tribe – Lonely Iceberg

  1. Locate Alchemists’ Village
    It’s in the top right of the island. But before you go there, go right and get the first Ice Shard.
    To find the jewels, use the exploration flag, more wider area will show.
  2. Create Twilight Mixture
    Put the ice shard on the big ice top north to break it.
    Go to the right, open the chest to get Vitriol.
    Go north then left, fight the dragon.
    Open the chest to the right  to get Ammonium, and the chest on the left to get permanganate
    Find the ice shard at the north.
    Break the ice block on the top middle.
    Open the chest to get Quicksilver
    Go down south, find ice shard behind the mountain.
    Use the ice shard on the middle left ice block to break it and go there.
    Enter and fight.
    Go south, open chest to get Magnesium
    Go north, open chest to get Aurum
    Find the iceshard just below the guide stone (see images down below)
    Use the ice shard at the bottom left ice block
    Open left chest to get Charcoal
    Open right chest to get Alkali
    In the lab, mix magnesium and permangante to get salamander dust
    Mix Ammonium + alkali = restoration liquid
    Mix Vitriol + charcoal = midnight salts
    Mix Midnight salts + restoration liquid = new moon elixir
    Mix Aurum + quicksilver = amalgam
    Mix amalgam salamander dust = phoenix oil
    Mix new moon elixir + phoenix oil to get Twilight Mixture
  3. Give Twilight Mixture To Wiseman and get new building Frost Tower

    Send Aruku to the far top to activate sphere of clarity to open new area and get jewels. You need sphere of clarity found on Witch Island.

List of guide stones in the game:

  1. ..+ salamander dust = phoenix oil
  2. Magnesium + permanganate = salamander dust
  3. Aurum + quicksilver = amalgam
  4. Midnight salts + …. = new moon elixir
  5. Ammonium + alkali = restoration liquid
  6. Vitriol + charcoal = midnight salts

Map to the Ice Shards

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