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Here are some game tips based on my game play experiences, hope you enjoy the game as much as we do..

Game tips:

  • After you pick up new collectibles, you don’t have to wait until your character put it in the drawer, you can continue giving other orders and the new collectibles will still collected. This trick can also be done while picking out weeds.

Doing Repairs:

  • Leaky Waterhose
    Buy waterproof tape, put it on the hose. Make your character open water faucet in the kitchen sink, then put him on the hose.
  • Leaky Sink
    Drop your character on the bathroom sink, then drop him in the workshop
  • Bird Bath
    Buy fountain pump kit and put it on the bird bath, then put 2 of your people on it\
  • Workshop Wall
    You first have to fixed the water hose. Buy wall compound and drop it near the bucket by the sandbox. Put a character there (do this more than once)
  • Cleaning Cobwebs
    Drop an adult at the right side of the bathroom sink
  • Holes in The Floor
    Buy floor repair kit, put it on one of the holes, then drop an adult there, this has to be done repeatedly until the hole is fixed
  • Shed’s Door
    Drop your people on the gold door knob in the sand box, after he put it onto the shed’s door, drop him on the welcome mat to get the key
  • Dryer’s Lint / Oven Fire
    You need to open the shed first, then drop an adult in front of the shed to get the fire extinguisher.
  • Watering Flowers
    After you fixed the hose and open the shed, drop an adult in front of the she to get the watering can
  • Clogged shower
    Drop an adult there then drop him in the laundry room on the bucket to get the plunger

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